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Monday, 24 April 2017

The sticky Bot that can climb a vertical surface.

The rate at which new innovations are coming into existence today is really fascinating. Just imagine one day being able to climb a vertical wall without carrying sophisticated safety equipment.  As much as this reality sounds so futuristic and too ambitious to achieve, a mechanical engineer from Stanford University surprisingly developed a sticky Bot in 2010 which mimics a household gecko when moving. The science behind this prototype bot was in understanding how a household gecko is able to climb a vertical smooth surface with so much intense grip.  The reptile’s sticky feet where represented by a special adhesive which has properties that enable it to be reusable while maintaining high strength. Since then, more robots have been created and the transfer of such technology to humans is being considered.

Embrace curiosity on a daily basis as you innovate with boldness.

Towards the National Science Foundation for the amazing image.

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