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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Medical information displayed on the human body by E-skin technology.

Technology is really enhancing all industries when it comes to efficiency and quality service delivery. Bearing this in mind, while watching my favorite tech news show called the BBC click, I was really amazed to learn of a revolutionary and innovative product that is going to change the way human health is examined. The product is called E-skin technology developed by researchers from University of Tokyo,  Japan. This product is intended to make it easier to determine oxygen concentration in blood and pulse rate monitoring. Just imagine one does not have to go for a blood slide anymore to have their blood tested for levels of oxygen. Gone will be the days of measuring ones pulse rate using sophisticated equipment. As a result, diagnosis of more diseases will be so quick without any need to carry out painful test procedures. Furthermore, this digital skin is highly flexible and almost the same size in thickness as natural human skin. For curiosity's sake, I decided to think beyond the medical field and see how this will be beneficial in reducing the number of wearable devices people can carry. Imagine one day being able to skype or watch television right on ones arm or palm. This will be remarkable beyond doubt. As the cost of health services are tremendously reduced by technology, healthier societies will emerge.Innovate or Expire 


Towards Pulseheadlines.com for the amazing E-skin image.

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