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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Delivering quality education through innovative thinking.

Today’s problems require solutions that mirror the current world we are living in. However, the kind of educational system one is exposed to at an early age plays a key role in making this achievable. Just imagine how many young people find it difficult to adapt to a world that is constantly reinventing itself. It is evident that technologies once thought to be revolutionary yesterday could suddenly end up being obsolete the following day. Educational systems are failing to create an environment where children can easily tap into their creative abilities.  As a result, this is contributing to a future workforce that is highly incapable of delivering what is required. Bearing this in mind, educational bodies are now being encouraged to embrace innovative thinking as a foundation for intellectual progress. Children are now being given the free will to approach every problem they face with the current picture of mind they think is appropriate. 
Towards edblog.smarttech.com for the amazing image.

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