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Monday, 27 March 2017

Strong African Cyber Security is paramount.

It always amazes me how the word cyber security is rarely a topic of significance in Africa. I believe with the ongoing biggest worldwide threat of
 intellectual property theft and booming local internet connectivity, this should be taken as a serious priority by all African governments. Financial institutions should always be on their toes, constantly searching for loop holes in their data storage facilities. If our continent intelligence branches could study how developed nations are defending themselves online, they would frequently update their national citizens on how to share valuable information more securely. I would like us all to learn more about this great cyber threat we are all exposed to regardless of what career path one has taken. Cyber security should not just be a priority for computer programmers but for everyone who has access to a smartphone. I believe the awareness should begin from learning institutions. Methods of war in the 21st Century are no longer transparent as they were a decade ago.
A secure Africa means a secure world.

Towards itsecurityguru.org and portugalresident.com for the amazing images

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