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Friday, 31 March 2017

Samsung will emerge as a Stronger and Innovative tech Giant in 2017

If we look back last year, the Tech and Digital industries were really shaken by the news that a giant such as Samsung could have bad publicity due to a technical fault. One thing that amazed me the most, was that the company that contributed to their bad experience was actually their battery supplier. Few media houses took an interest to focus on the supplier but Samsung as if it was the source of the fault. Quite alright pointing fingers at someone else does not solve the problem and accepting responsibility as a firm may be quite a difficult meal to take. But such an experience will enable Samsung to increase their vigilance efforts on every supplier with whom they have a contract. I believe intensifying their quality assurance measures on every stage of product development with external partners will make their customers have more confidence in their brand. At the end of it all as a brand, I believe their level of ingenuity is remarkable and will continue to be one of the key players in the Tech industry.


Towards thedroidguy.com for the amazing Samsung mobile image.

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