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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Innovation in space travel by the private sector

For some time now space travel has been turning into a reality that everyone can embrace. Having the private sector as a key player has really enhanced the space industry. Gone are the days when only governments had the top decision on who has access to space. What is really exciting is the remarkable space vehicles being developed as a result of this privatization of space. The main break through in space travel is cost reduction. As a result space tourism will be more like just travelling for leisure.  One great innovator of the 20th Century called Paul Allen who happens to be the Co-founder of Microsoft has developed an amazing aircraft called Stratolaunch air-launch system that will be used to deploy spacecrafts to low earth orbit. The key advantage that Allen points out is “that it does’nt  require a fixed launch pad” which I believe is amazing as it can be launched from anywhere around the world.

 Space travel is a daily endeavor that is highly achievable

Towards Paul G. Allen, YahooTech and SpaceNews.com for the amazing images and insight. 

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