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Friday, 31 March 2017

African culture expressed by M’simbi dolls.

While searching for ideas on what to write about today, I happened to read about an amazing company based in my country Zambia which is creating dolls with an African Identity. One thing I love about being African is that we are creative by nature due to our deep cultural heritage. The company behind this amazing venture is called M’simbi dolls. The moment I first saw these dolls on instagram, I felt so excited about the whole idea of such products. Imagine young African girls playing around with toys they can identify with. This will definitely give them more confidence to be proud of who they are. I believe African inspired creativity and innovation should awaken our curiosity about who we are and what we are capable of achieving. This is the right time for African product design to play a key role on the international stage.


Courtesy towards:
Msimbidolls.com for the insight and remarkable doll images.


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    1. You welcome:) You are so creative and I believe you are going to make young girls feel proud of being brown