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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Fingers replace bankcards

Who ever thought we could one day use our fingers as financial mediums of exchange. It seems as though technological innovation keeps on giving us hints that so much good is in store for us if we embrace it. While visiting the Skynews technology section today, I happened to see a Finger's scanner which is currently on trial in a London bar called Proud. Forget about moving with your Bank card and those dreadful experiences of losing it which throw us
into a moment of serious panic. The Bank card is literally now linked to the vein arrangement of ones finger which is simply remarkable. By the way, it is really fascinating to know that vein patterns on one's fingers are so distinct that it is practically impossible to have them matched to another person. According to Adam Parsons, A Business correspondent "Regulars at Proud have signed up to the test and bought drinks, partly because it was fast and reliable, and partly because of the novelty of using your finger to buy a round of drinks". I believe this will be a great way forward when it comes to security enhancement for the financial sector. Biometric technology is revolutionizing every industry.


Courtesy :
Towards http://news.sky.com for the amazing images and insight.


  1. Wow, what an interesting development! It would definitely be handy for those who are often misplacing their bank cards.

  2. Trust me i already feel its an amazing product hope it spreads so fast, i hate losing my card, thanks for your feedback