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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A kenyan Eco Friendly journey

It is really fascinating what we Africans are capable of doing when we allow ourselves to be agents of change for our great continent which is filled with infinite opportunities. While scrolling down my facebook page today, I happened to watch a remarkable documentary shared by DW news about a startup in Kenya which is taking Eco friendly products to a whole new level. They are known as Green pencils limited. They have this genius method of transforming old newspapers into pencils eventually contributing to the preservation of trees. For a long time trees in Africa have been endangered by the great demand for charcoal and ongoing power shortages. I believe with such great revolutionary entrepreneurs great protection of our environment shall be priority for the well being of our continent and the world at large, as they usually say think globally act locally.


Towards https://www.greenpencilsltd.co.ke for the amazing images and insight. Keep inspiring us

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