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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Zambia should take advantage of it's central location

I believe in this new year as a nation we need to look at all the eight countries surrounding us as our potential customers and major trade partners. Even though we are landlocked we have so much potential and a large quantity of natural resources which we could supply to these nations in exchange for goods and services which we do not have. What I believe is good for us is Intra-African trade, It will greatly cut on costs of importation and possibly reduce trade deficits which are hindering the continent from emerging as an economic power house. Just imagine in one article written by the United nations Africa renewal online it is believed that Africa "produces what it doesn't consume and consumes what it doesn't produce". Before we trade with countries outside Africa we should capitalize on the market right at our doorsteps. The peace we have here is so amazing that investors would feel so safe and at home. We already have great financial institutions which are of high standards  and are highly efficient in operation. Let us make our borders more accommodating and less stressful  when it comes to trade among fellow Africans so that our economies may rise together with flexible policies. The solutions for economic progress of this continent are right before us. Lets embrace one another and raise the standards of living. We should be the wealthiest continent by now.


Courtesy Towards:
http://www.un.org/africarenewal/magazine/august-2014 and http://thisisafrica.me/wp-content/extras/img/Africa for the amazing image and insight.


  1. The article is very true.Sometimes I wonder what our diplomats in these eight neighboring countries do. they are suppose to feed us with information regarding the local markets there and what policies and procedures we need to know to do business with these countries. I must actually pass through ministry of foreign affairs and find out if they have such reports.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I totally agree with you diplomats should regularly update fellow African nations on economic activities that promote bilateral trade which would uplift the African economy. I also believe as the the private sector we should take the innitiaive to visit these countries and just carry out our own surveys. We should be active partners of the government by actively participating in the process of enhancing our economy.