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Sunday, 8 January 2017

The African Night Economy

Most of the times before I go to bed I am always wondering if going to sleep early is the best decision I am making. If possible banks or any other financial institutions should be open until midnight and even beyond. I believe luck of a full functioning night economy is really making our continent miss out on numerous opportunities to empower ourselves. Quite alright unreliable power sometimes hinders full night activity due to safety concerns. I too believe power is security because as more cities become bright, people will begin to move freely in the night eventually pursuing finance driven activities. Economic progress should never be on break for us especially with the urgent attention our continent needs. One advantage we already have is a young population. If we can tap into the young energy during the night were the elders cannot manage, much can be achieved within a short period of time. The older generations who have been the backbone for Africa should stretch out their hands and push the younger generation to give it all in terms of actively participating in the affairs of their economy. Small and Medium enterprises are the way forward for us as a continent because little structure is needed when it comes to working hours as one can stay open 24hours. Ofcourse fatigue is of great concern but trust me not everyone works during the day so why not use the night as back up. Only hospitals and a few industries are known for night shift but what about other sectors they too can embrace this way of building our economies. By the way we have to embrace technology as soon as possible because traditional ways of doing business are really crippling us in many ways when it comes to efficiency. For instance in the manufacturing sector more effort can be directed towards automation where robots can work after hours if we are to practice “work life balance”. Companies can also utilize the night time to critically assess their daily performance and possibly make necessary amendments. As far as I am concerned the 21st Century waits for no one, we remain behind by choice.

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