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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Resource consumption potential for Zambia

The potential economic advantage my country has is a small population with a large landmass. One can only understand the vastness of our landmass by travelling between cities and seeing just how much untapped resources we have readily available but not being fully pursued. I believe what slows our economic growth is the idea that living in the major cities is a guarantee of success. What I have noticed is that with an increment in rural urban migration any little progress a city tries to make is suppressed by the excessive number of new people trying to consume limited resources. The true reality is that the vast resources actually lie in the same rural areas being abandoned by these people. For instance when we consider the agricultural industry, fertile land is waiting to be utilized for commercial farming. Just imagine how much mineral exploration is not being carried out in these rural areas and if it was to be carried out how much it would cut back on rural urban migration. Quite alright we cannot blame the people migrating towards this false urban paradise ideology. This is a wake up call for us the private sector. We should shift our focus towards rural development which I believe should be at the top of our agenda. Believe you me the more we distant ourselves from exploring the vast economic resources the rural areas possess the more we limit our progress as a nation. Why should we fight for the little resources available in urban areas when the rural areas are actually possessing huge quantities of resources that can sustain the whole nation.
True wealth lies in the rural areas waiting
to be discovered by someone.

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