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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Drone technology for African agriculture

While visiting a certain college yesterday, I happened to meet someone who really opened up my mind when it comes to working with Drones to make the agricultural industry thrive. For some time now, African farming methods have really been under performing due to lack of efficient soil and crop monitoring methods. After reading more about agriculture drones last night I learned that establishing such systems is not really expensive.  The most impressive part is one does not have to worry about hiring a drone pilot because some drones have fully automated flight and landing capabilities.  I came across one amazing company making such drones called sensefly. All they require is a flight plan which one can load before flight. These drones have different type of sensors "camera" which every farmer can choose from depending on the needs at hand. For instance some of the sensors that already exist allow farmers to conduct crop health analysis, maturity evaluation, irrigation scheduling, yield forecasting, soil property and moisture analysis. I Believe farm output will really be enhanced and the issue of food insecurity will be a thing of the past when such innitiatives are adopted for the African agricultural industry.


Courtesy towards:
https://www.sensefly.com, http://www.stars-project.org/ and https://www.service-drone.com  for the amazing images and insight.

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