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Friday, 2 December 2016

An F1 hero retires as a world champion

 I really feel so sad to know that Nico Rosberg is retiring. I have been a huge fan of the Mercedes F1 team with Hamilton and Rosberg being the reason for the admiration. I just loved the way Nico pushed Hamilton to the limit by demonstrating remarkable driver skill. I just can't imagine how Hamilton is taking this sad news. Having seen old photos when they were racing Go carts together as teenagers, one gets to realize that these two champions have really endured a journey filled with adrenaline in motor racing. They simply gave us young motorsport fans a chance to see great racing which only Niki Lauda and James Hunt could have displayed. Nico Rosberg will be greatly missed and I believe him winning the World Championship was a great way to end. He simply fulfilled what his father Keke Rosberg had achieved during the 1982 GrandPrix.

Formula One is the greatest motorsport


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