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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Zaha hadid was a queen of architecture

Ever since I first read about Zaha Hadid and watched different documentaries about her, I can’t stop admiring her level of creativity. This woman really redefined architecture and replaced it with a new wave of flexible design. Conventional architecture cannot stand up to this lady's phenomenal ideas. Her works really make one stand in awe of her bold thinking. Just what was she made of that she attained such a remarkable level of excellence. Her designs made engineers see things from a broader perspective by adopting greater complex structures that one could have never imagined would be in existence today. If design thinking could have a face of her mind inspiration would be drawn from every piece of infrastructure that would exist in today's world. I wish I had met her in person when she was alive and asked her what really inspired her ambitions. It's sad the world had to lose such a golden soul when it needed her the most to mentor as many people as possible to be free to experiment with design.

Design should have no boundaries in order for it to have a true sense of inspiration.

Creative thinking always wins.

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