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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Your room service attendant just got smarter.

While scrolling down Bloomberg one of my favorite sites ever since my university days, I came across a video about automated room service delivery which was really impressive. Gone will be the days when we see someone knock on the door with our order at hand. The smart attendant simply has everything you need placed in it's storage compartment and it literally navigates to your room just like a human being. It actually has sensors to know how it is positioned with regards to obstacle avoidance. It is actually known as Relay and is made by a company called Savioke. One thing I like about it the most is it's cost effectiveness as it will allow hotel owners to spend less on hiring more than is needed. No more fatigue as  robots can work 24 hours without requiring rest. According to the Savioke website The little guy is currently being used at six hotels in California, where it has completed more than 13,000 deliveries. This just shows that it really is a game changer for the hospitality industry. Especially for someone just starting out in an industry were appropriate employees maybe a little bit of a hustle to find.

Artificial intelligence is one step closer to becoming a daily necessity for man to live efficiently.

Courtesy towards http://www.electronicspecifier.com/, http://www.savioke.com/, http://media.giphy.com/ and http://www.businessinsider.com/ for the insight and amazing images

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