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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Why have Travel stress when a Robot can serve you with pleasure

     Zambian Tech Geek. Highly fascinated by the latest trends in a world that is evolving faster than the speed of sound, I am captivated by a special startup called Cowarobot. I believe this is of great appeal to everyone no matter what culture or educational background one possesses. Its a robotic suitcase that not only follows you around but avoids things that might stand in its way automatically without any help whatsoever. That is just simply remarkable. I thought to myself soon I should have this suitcase because it surely makes ones travelling less stressful. Imagine arriving at the station and offloading all your bags and having all of them follow you around "Phenomenal right". Gone will be the days of looking for people to carry your things which will tremendously cut on your travel costs. It will also ensure that no one steals your things because most people who are paid to carry things have hidden agendas. Furthermore, when your hands are free you can do anything hold your girlfriends hand or grab a bite without worrying about how to hold anything else. It also has a smart lock which is simply remarkable in operation as it responds to the bracelet distance and automation mode. A knobe illuminates to signal whether the suitcase is locked or not. It also has a battery life that is highly efficient that it allows one to charge his or her mobile phone without a hustle.  
 wALK with your head higH   "YOU GOT THE POWER"            BRACELET FOR CONTROL

Equipped with a Co-smart lock you don't have to worry when you lose sight of your suitcase as it has a proximity alarm and the app allows you to locate it via GPS. Great piece of innovation.

        embracE tehnologY foR wE arE betteR witH iT anD aT losS withouT iT.

 Towards http://www.cowarobot.com/ and  https://static.wixstatic.com for the amazing images.

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