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Friday, 11 November 2016

When Football falls in love with Artificial Intelligence

          When I think of technology many of it's applications always flash through my mind. If we consider a sport like football, one quickly thinks of goal line technology which has revolutionized the way scores are visualized. By tremendously cutting back on goal inaccuracy which has always been of an issue over the previous years, progress has been made without a doubt to silence conflicts which usually ended in fights. While watching discovery channel today, I was amazed to learn of a grand vision by Japan to have a fully humanoid football team by the year 2050. At first I thought well  this might be some fictitious ambition that will end in laughter but then it dawned on me that there has been remarkable advances in Artificial Intelligence for some time now. I decided to look deep into this humanoid football idea. I was really met with surprise to see that it has always been around since 1997 in form of what is called ROBOCUP. According to International Business Times Robocup soccer focused on creating teams of autonomous, cooperative robots, which exhibit advanced competitive behaviors and strategies. It is simply man and machine reaching a level of interaction that could have never been imagined.

The future is simply exciting

Courtesy towards http://www.robocup2016.org/ and http://www.ibtimes.com/, http://ichef-1.bbci.co.uk/, Getty images and  http://www.intechopen.com/ for the amazing images.

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