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Friday, 4 November 2016

Man's Love affair with speed

       As a young Aerospace engineer, I am really fascinated by the significant role speed plays in the development of an Aircraft. We as engineers have categorized all kinds of speed to fall into four main classes namely Subsonic, Transonic, Supersonic and Hypersonic. The thirsty ambition for passenger flight to be a pioneer in accomplishing remarkable speed records has been evidently proven by the Famous Concorde and Tupolev Tu -144. However, Uncertainity of human safety led to all these big giants of remarkable flight speed capabilities to cease 

operations. Inspite of all this they really redefined what is expected of man in the near future in developing the most innovative ways of making flight highly efficient. In todays world time is of the essence to an extent where we human beings regard it as being equivalent to money. Bearing this in mind, I recently learned of an amazing company trying to awaken this passionate love of speed. I believe ever since the grounding of the Concorde in 2003, Aviation technology has significantly evolved to a level that instills so much confidence in Aircraft development. The company that has this great vision is called Boom Technology. They intend to revolutionize passenger travel to an extent whereby flight between places such as Newyork and London would last less than a staggering 4 hours. They strongly believe that " Boom was founded on the philosophy that we need to overcome the challenges of supersonic passenger flight, not surrender to them. Our vision is to make the world local". Just as all inventions of the past had enormous setbacks to conquer these Titans of aviation are willing to stretch all aerodynamic principles to make the world appear as one small park we can easily play around in.


        Courtesy towards https://smediacacheak0.pinimg.com, http://boomsupersonic.com/assets and http://boomsuprsonic.com/static/facebook-story-09182016.png for the amazing images.   

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