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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Let technology hold your trash

        I am always amazed when people say that technology has a more negative effect on society when compared to it's positives. The fact that we are able to communicate so efficiently is a clear indication of  how it has tremendously enhanced human life. While being guided by my unsatisfied curiosity for innovation, I came across what happens to be called a smart trash can. It is simply phenomenal. Imagine how stressful it is to get up from ones seat and go put trash right into the bin. Who really wants to bend over to have a clear score of trash. The long straight trash throws make me feel like Michael Jordan though, especially when they land right into the bin"A basket and three pointer I would imagine" We all want the easier way I guess. In the year 2012 a Japanese designer called Minoru Kurata developed this smart trash can which is fully self automated.  I know this raises everyones eyebrows with excitement. The smart trash works in a synchronised manner with what is known as a kinect. According to an amazing tech news site called GEEK "kinect was hacked to detect movement of small objects in the air, and uses the trajectory and relative position in the room to quickly send instructions to the trash can for retrieval".  That is simply amazing and it just shows how artificial intelligence has been utilized in different forms for some time now.
Just look at the bright side of technology. It's always enhancing human life.

Courtesy towards http://the-digital-reader.com/ and http://www.geek.com/gadgets/kinect for the insight and amazing images.

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