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Monday, 21 November 2016

Innovation should defy logic while enhancing human life

Excited about starting a new week, I came across a program on discovery channel that was demonstrating how travel is being revolutionized in the 21 century through the use of cutting edge technology. I believe automobiles have to be designed in such a way that they not only act as a means of travel but should also occupy less space when it comes to public parking. This will make cities less crowded and more travel efficient by positively influencing how city infrastructure is built. Ofcourse all this will be achieved only if we adopt design thinking as the basis for all innovation. A couple of years ago a design concept called the Audi snook was envisioned by  a German designer called Tilmann Schlootz. According to CARBODYDESIGN the Audi Snook has a "multidirectional engine which consists of a sphere-wheel and enables the driver to intuitively navigate and steer the autostabilized cabin in every direction, including on the side and backwards, as well as to turn on point". What really amazes me is it's ability to balance itself. I believe Artificial intelligence should be a key component that has to be adopted in such a case. The only sad part is that it has not been developed into an actual car even with the great benefits it will bring forth to the travel industry. 

 Design should always be
motivated by breaking the 
boundaries of conventional 

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