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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

I think Hologram technology is underestimated

       While sitting on the couch today in the intense Subsaharan heat, I started contemplating about how the true importance of hologram technology has not been emphasized. According to HOW STAFF WORKS "Holograms are 3-D images that have been projected and captured on a 2-D surface". Ever since I first heard about it, I have always had it at the back of my mind. I remember seeing a headline in the Technology corner of Sky news some time back about a music concert hosted by snoop. He performed on stage with a hologram representation of some legendary rapper. I believe more applications are to be realized with this technology. Just imagine skyping with a whole view of another person right in front of us. It just makes the conversation deep and worth pursuing. Being curious I decided to look up ways on how I can make a mini hologram. I was shocked to find that there are more than a thousand ways right now on youtube. So simple one can literally make it with their eyes closed. It is not surprising to see major airports around the world adopting this revolutionary piece of innovation. Lets look at Dubai Airport, they have seen the significance of this technology that they now have a virtual assistant. Just imagine if we could revisit this technology and explore it further. I am sure as the rise of artificial intelligence gains more ground great technological break throughs will be realized.

Technology is Phenomena

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