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Wednesday, 23 November 2016


When we talk about motor racing in Africa the first thing that pops up in our minds is the Dakar Rally  which was once the greatest racing tournament ever held in NorthAfrica. However, if we go back to the early 90s we get to realize that at one time Formula one racing was a big sport in Southafrica for quite a number of years. According to F1 FANATICS "The first world championship race was held there in 1962 and, after 23 races (plus one which was stripped of its championship status), visited the country for the final time in 1993". Ofcourse being really young I never got to witness that but how I got to find out about this was through a car show which was showcasing the famous Kyalami race track which hosted most of the races. Bearing this in mind, an organisation called SangariF1 in Southafrica is trying to revive this industry by  educating children in different schools about it. Being a huge fan of F1 I believe this will be of great benefit to the African youth to explore other sports and not just focus on football alone which is the most popular sport on the continent. SANGARISA points out that "F1 in schools is the only global multi-disciplinary challenge in which teams of students aged 9 to 19 deploy CAD/CAM software to collaborate, design, analyze, manufacture, test, and then race maniature compressed air powered balsa wood F1 cars". Furthermore, some statements have been issued by the Formula One boss Ecclestone suggesting that formula one would soon be back on the African continent. For instance "In an interview with Hamburg-based newspaper Handelsblatt, Ecclestone said he'd had conversations about taking formula one to Africa ". I just cant wait for the time when f1 teams will emerge from Africa and show the global stage what we are made of.                                                                                    

                      AFRICA A FUTURE F1 HOST

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