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Friday, 25 November 2016

Forget the wiring and embrace wireless power transfer

The most significant word in the 21st century is Energy. It literally makes the world stand still when demand overwhelms supply. The rise in global warming is making the world think twice on how it is to be obtained. About a month ago as I was reading on Wireless power transfer, I stumbled upon an ambitious power generation project which Japan is undertaking to source electrical power from space and transfer it back to the earth for consumption. Believe me my eyes stopped blinking for some time as I tried to see how this is possible. However, an idea started springing up in my mind in relation to wireless charging technology which is now common with smartphones and even electric cars of today. In a significant publication by TECHTIMES on this phenomenal power transfer technology, it is believed that "Solar energy might, one day, be collected by massive solar panels in space, and the energy generated from the systems could be sent to Earth in form of micro waves." Ofcourse this sounds more like a fiction scenario in today's world but the successful experiments by the Japanese scientists prove to be so convincing. According to PHYS the Japanese "Researchers used microwaves to deliver 1.8 kilowatts of power-enough to run an electric kettle-through the air with pin point accuracy to a receiver 55 meters(170feet) away. Just imagine how this is going to redefine how energy is transmitted on a larger scale.

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