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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Fashion is Karl Lagerfeld

The first time I heard about Karl Lagerfeld was last year while watching a fashion documentary on DW" deutsche welle". I was truely amazed by his whole journey as a fashion designer. He is actually German and the creative director of Chanel. This guy is a true expression of art without a doubt. One would literally wonder how all his creative abilities come into existence so flawlessly. According to vogue magazine he is regarded as the"unparalleled interpreter of the mood of the moment". That statement simply sums up who he is and what he exists for. One thing that is mind blowing every time I search for his run way shows is his choice of location. He creates a perception of inspiration from places that are absolutely unique. Think of a fashion runway in a shopping mall setting. Sounds a bit odd right. He is a phenomenal human being indeed. According to "Bio.com" BIOGRAPHY "from an early age lagerfeld expressed an interest in design and fashion. As a child he often cut out pictures from fashion magazines" which is a clear indication of when all this magical talent he possesses started.                                                                                        


                      Courtesy towards http://cdn.shopify.com/, http://aknsimages.eonline.com/, https://i.ytimg.com/, http://images.fashiontimes.com/, http://www.biography.com/ for the hints and amazing images.

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