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Friday, 18 November 2016

Design is simplicity coated with inspiration

While scrolling down the technology section of Skynews today, I was amazed to see a bike helmet that can be folded to a remarkable size. It is called an EcoHelmet and is made with the revolutionary capability of composite materials. The designer is a young lady called Isis Shiffer. According to  skynews "The helmet is rainproof for up to three hours and is set to be sold at bike-share stations  for £4". Having been exposed to this material in my university years makes me confidently say that this product is worth buying due to it's light weight and high strength properties. I also hope they will tailor this product to serve underground mine workers as it can act as a smart substitute for the already in use helmets which are slightly heavy. Furthermore, I want to empahsize that true design is simply taking a product that already exists and establishing different ways to come up with the same product. Most of the times as designers we tend to think that the more complex a product appears, the better the public image of ourselves. To be honest simplicity is the most attractive feature of any product as it makes attention the core focus of the design process. No person wants to buy what they cannot easily understand.

Simplicity is the essence of breathtaking Design

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