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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Changing the weather pattern through science

We as human beings have the scientific ability to create a weather pattern that is based on our own schedule. For some time now a process known as Cloud seeding has really been the center of discussion in the scientific community on how weather can be best manipulated.

                                                                  BEIJING 2008 OLYMPICS "cloud seeding was applied"

 According to WEATHER QUESTIONS "cloud seeding is the process of spreading either dry ice, or more commonly, silver iodide aerosols, into the upper part of clouds to try to stimulate the precipitation process and form rain." Usually these chemicals are placed in rockets and launched from the ground or they are sprinkled into the atmosphere through the use of nozzles attached to an aircraft with a similar configuration seen during aerial spraying on agricultural farms. Ofcourse anything to do with nature is a highly sensitive matter but the results obtained from some trials have proved to be quite convincing. This process has been around for more than fifty years with the first application  according to  WEATHER MODIFICATION "springing from a discovery at the General Electric (GE) labs in Schenectady, New York in 1946". A Country like China has already tried to use this process and success has been achieved. For instance in 2008 during the Beijing Summer Olympics HOW STUFF WORKS points out that the chinese "government even guaranteed clear skies for the event, a promise it managed to deliver on". According to the Institute of Physics website "success has been claimed for trials in Australia, France, Spain and the US. In the United Arab Emirates , the technique is credited with the creation of 52 storms in the Abu Dhabi desert." Bearing this in mind cloud seeding should be seen as a potential means of altering chatastrophic weather patterns for the future. I understand the spraying of chemicals is a great concern not only for environmentalists but to all inhabitants of the earth. However, there is still room for creating harmless chemicals and all that is needed is standardized research.                              

WEATHER CAN                         BE CHANGED                                                                                UAE CLOUDSEEDING                                                                           
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