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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Business Aviation Growth in Africa

Being a quiet morning in a continent with numerous opportunities, an idea just struck my mind with regards to the potential of the Private Jet industry in Africa. I tried to research about it and to my surprise I discovered that Business Aviation is really developing a significant position in Africa just as the middle class attains a strong foothold financially. CNBC Africa in 2014 stated that according to the Brazilian Aircraft manufacturer, Embraer, there were an estimated 420 Business jets operating in the continent in 2012, and they expect that the number would rise to over 600 by 2022. This just gives us a clear indication that this industry has been showing substantial signs of growth for some time now. On the other hand Chartering of small Aircrafts is one industry that is doing well too in countries like Zambia as it serves as a substitute for a national airline yet to be established. If we consider countries such as SouthAfrica and Nigeria they have high standards in Business Aviation that their private sector is really doing well. Furthermore, CNBC Africa stresses out that As more Africans begin to demand more facilities and options while flying, the wealthy few have begun to opt out of taking commercial flights and invest in private jet charter flights. I believe this will also be backed by the digital revolution in Africa as more information on Business Aviation will be readily available through mobile applications. I recently read about one Nigerian company called Jetseta on linkedin which has taken up this innitiative to exclusively offer all it's Aviation services through an app. Imagine just how easy people can now access such remarkable services. This just shows a desire by Africans to make innovation the driving force for aviation service delivery. A Prominent aviation company called Execujet Aviation Group has also seen this potential on the continent that recently according to Ventures Africa "it chose Lagos as the location for its first West African Facility". They also pointed out that “In Nigeria, companies are looking for solutions to get them to places, which are now inaccessible by commercial airlines”. Bearing this in mind, we can assume that everyone wants to have a tailored flight in line with their personal schedule and Africa should be no exception. Since most big commercial airlines have their own fixed routes why not jump on a private jet.


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