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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Automotive is becoming Intelligent

        I just saw an amazing bus and race car being promoted on twitter that appear to be very intelligent that they literally operate by themselves. The reality of automobiles being highly intelligent to operate efficiently with no human intervention is becoming a part of society so fast. Engineers and scientists of two great companies namely Charge and  Roborace are taking this great dream and are making it alive. They want to make cars that compete and overtake each other using only AI "Artificial Intelligence". The most impressive part is that all this revolution is highly environmentally friendly as it will be fully electrically powered. Just imagine going to a race track and seeing cars racing by themselves and the winner being the smartest car with the best race strategy. That is simply amazing and it just shows what human beings are capable of doing when they push themselves beyond their preconceived limitations.

Artificial Intelligence is a reality of the 21st Century

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