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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

An African Lady pioneering Innovation

                                                                      "Zambian Tech Geek"The idea of Innovation is really starting to spread across the African continent of opportunity. I just discovered an amazing innovation hub developed by a millennial in Malawi in November 2013. Its called mHub. The founder is Rachel Sibande who is well learned and also a pioneer in Computer science. After having a fruitful career she eventually decided to establish an innovation hub in Malawi that would identify problems that her people were facing and offer solutions that        align with their uniqueness.
     What really caught my attention the most was the children coding club which she has established. As we already know, most African countries have a population whose majority is below the age of  16 with her country being among them. Her coming up with such a great innitiative is a great contribution to the raising of highly skilled and creative youth. Her main goal is to build young technology oriented entrepreneurs that will turn her nation into a land of innovation.
africA havinG aN 

innovativE younG 

generatioN  caN bE 

 Towards http://www.lionsafrica.org/ AND http://www.mhubmw.com/ for the amazing images.

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