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Thursday, 3 November 2016

African 3D printing potential

       The first time I heard about 3D printing was a year ago. Since then, Its always been at the back of my mind to see it revolutionize the manufacturing sector on the African continent. A simple definition of 3D printing is transformation of a Digital image into a three dimensional Object through printing. It is really a great leap forward for efficient manufacturing and cost effective production. Wastage of material is now a thing of the past because appropriate material is utilized during each cycle of production. I believe if this was adopted on the African continent it would really make it easy for small upcoming companies and Potential StartUps to produce their on products without having to look for an external supplier which sometimes proves to be costly. It would also promote innovation in Schools and Universities by allowing students to begin exploring the idea of product design at an early stage in life therefore giving them a broader perspective of what to expect when they enter the Corporate world. According to a prominent Professor Dr Calestous Juma "Digital technologies could leapfrog Africa to a decentralised, autonomous mass production. The key ingredient to this revolution is 3d printing". Therefore, we can conclude that the potential for such great innovation is really substantial for Africa and should be a priority if it is to emerge as a key player in the world of manufacturing. SouthAfrica is really taking a lead and can confidently boast of having World class 3D printing companies such as RoboBeast, 3Dforms and 3dunique.

All effort should be directed towards finding cost effective means of production.


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