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Monday, 21 November 2016

Africa should be the Continent of Innovation

As a continent filled with abundant natural resources we have no excuse for not being a key global economic player. Thanks to the geography class of my golden days of high school, I can confidently say we are underpopulated for this vast continent. Since we have relevant minerals for establishing a thriving technologically driven society, we should begin capitalizing on the great advantage of being not only a source for raw materials but of high quality finished goods. I think we have to pull our socks on product development. We can also tap into modern diverse crop farming. Food insecurity is a word that should be a taboo on a continent with more than enough potential to feed it's people and the world. We should be the world's food basket by now. I am really proud of the nation of Japan. They have focused on serving the world with their strengths which is technology. The 21st Century has also complimented their wise decision by being global and digital in nature. I always hear of drought with an emphasis on the lack of rains as an excuse for poor farming here in Africa but what can we say about the presence of numerous lakes and rivers that we have. We should be considering the establishment of well structured irrigation systems. Surely we can create small channels to deliver water to the most remote areas on this continent of opportunity. Furthermore, us having the world's youngest population  is the greatest gift for any continent or nation of today to make use of as they embark on a journey of economic recovery. Young and vibrant energy is vital for sustainable growth. Bearing this in mind some personal patriotic approach has to be taken where I should consider myself a relevant block in creating a lasting foundation built on confidence in my ability as an African. It entirely depends on us and the level of commitment we are willing to put forward. I would also like to see education  and innovation delivered in local communities through native languages. I believe man learns faster in a language he easily understands and can culturally identify with.  I am really proud of an innitiative in my country Zambia where a pad has been tailored to deliver educational content in a smart native way without compromising innovation in any way. Its called the Zedupad. Children have a chance to grasp valuable content with less struggle in understanding foreign concepts or ideas. According to a statement issued in the Lusaka times some time back by Mark Bennet the founder of this great innitiative"The Zedupad is programmed in eight different languages native to Zambia with over 12,000 preloaded classes and lesson plans for untrained teachers in rural areas". Just imagine how transformative this will be in enhancing literacy levels in Zambia. I personally tried to use the Zedupad as I passed by a shop that was selling it at the beginning of this year and I was amazed by the remarkable interface it has. It is so user friendly which makes it highly appealing.                                              


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