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Thursday, 3 November 2016

A friend called Artificial Intelligence

Zambian "Tech Geek". While scrolling down my facebook page yesterday, My eyes were captivated by what looked like a smart robot that is a true reflection of Artificial  intelligence. It was described as "Omate's Yumi". A long time ago these were all stories but for us in the 21 st century smart machines are now a part of our society.  Gone will be the days when you feel lonely because a robot will be present to keep you company and develop a conversation so deep that you will feel so attached to it. Yumi is a phenomenal Robot with a Touch of Android and a brain of Amazon's Alexa AI. It boasts of great connectivity in terms of Wi-fi and Bluetooth and has a front camera which is 5 megapixels. It also has inbuilt speakers with an amazing 720 pixel 5 inch screen. I think its fair enough in size and portability should not be an issue when moving about.

Artificial intelligence will enhance human life "kondwani_world"


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