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Monday, 31 October 2016

Uber's Digital opportunity in Africa

        Monday for a Zambian tech geek like me is a chance for me take another road of story telling. Lets analyse why a Taxi firm called Uber is the most desirable commuting service provider on the African continent. Living in a world where time is of the essence everyone wants a more convinient way to get from one place to another. Africa recently seeing a boost in its telecomunications infrastructure is really enhancing companies like Uber to capitalise on the rapid increase of smart phones. They first entered the the African market through SouthAfrica and now they are in more countries like Nigeria , Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The fact that anyone with a clean record can sign up as a driver for Uber makes it the best way for one to kick in a side hustle to make something for the day. This is really setting a new trend to how business is done on the African continent.  I believe this will really encourage many companies to cut away from traditional ways of doing business by embracing a digital approach. Uber having an App makes it stand out because no one wants to go stand beside the road hoping to catch a taxi. The fact that from the comfort of ones room you are able to see the cars available for you makes it more exciting to be a pioneer in the taxi industry. In one of the articles for Dr Ebimo Amungo he says that "Another major selling point for Uber is security. The vetting of drivers by Uber means most riders feel more secure when riding with Uber cabs" . We can therefore assume that the fact that the driver who is carrying you around is known makes you feel more safe and at ease. Doubt in Uber is completely out of the question in such a case. This is a great inspiration for upcoming companies in Africa to have an indepth understanding on the importance of the digital age for quality service delivery.

The digital  age is creating remarkable business opportunities for the African continent "kondwani_world"


 Courtesy towards Dr Ebimo Amungo "Amungo Consulting Limited",  http://www.livemint.com/ and http://www.idealogyltd.com/ for the amazing images

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