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Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Zambian nation on a journey of Greatness

         My amazing country Zambia is seeing a huge growth in infrastructural development. Having a small population with vast
land makes us so privileged as a nation. It is so beautiful to see great infrastructure with state of the art appeal being part of  our society. It just shows that our nation is heading the right direction in being an emerging economy in the nearby future. Many entrepreneurs are enjoying a great environment of day to day trade which is so vital for the private sector to 
"Ubwali"                   flourish. 
         Our tourism industry is also remarkable. This is also made possible by the rich cultural heritage we depict on a daily basis. By the way our main dish known as "ubwali" in native language is an african cuisine which captivates the craving for more when eaten with well cooked relish. Being a Zambian is simply THE BEST.
                                                                                                    The beauty of Zambian Culture

                    The peaceful and 

Courtesy towards "https://upload.wikimedia.org" , "http://internationalbanker.com/", "http://www.zambiapretoria.net/" and "http://victoriafalls24.com/" for the Beautiful images.


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