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Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Tesla Guru Elon Musk is a guide to reality

           I believe the 21 st century is paving the way for a future in which man and machine will live in harmony. The Guru of Tesla with African roots Elon Musk recently announced that from 2017 all Tesla cars will be fully equipped with self driving hardware. This is great news for the car industry but as you always know great ideas are always tested with huge criticism. Firstly, when Tesla came on the automobile scene it was downplayed for being ALL electric and for having an underestimated battery life. Unshaken by the problem the guru went on and further pushed for better durable car batteries eventually making his product more desirable on the car market.        
    The self driving innitiative which tesla is adopting is of great debate because people think that human judgement cannot be replaced by a machine. I agree to some extent but we should not forget that we are always comfortable in every flight inspite of the Auto pilot being engaged in some cases. Just as a pilot is always vigilant so will be the driver of the car. Furthermore, full automation will enable vehicle to vehicle communication which will reduce on congestion by alerting the on board system to negotiate its way in traffic. Man is somehow restless and impatient which makes a machine more rational to some extent. The Gorgeous designs of Tesla cars just placed electric cars in high prestige. With the reality of carbon emission and Global warming it would be of great benefit FOR mankind to completely shift towards green energy for a sustainable healthY future of our planet.


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