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Monday, 3 October 2016

The Sun has a Ring of light around it in Zambia THE OMEN


 Getting out of the house at 12pm today, I saw that something was different with the way light around me was distributed. Wondering why this was so I decided to look up and to my surprise,there was a ring of light   around the sun.  What a breath taking view it was, Highly intrigued I decided to look it up on google just to get a sense of understanding of what was right above me. I learnt that it is actually known as the HALO around the sun. It is believed to have been used in an old saying "Ring around the moon means rain soon" This was an ancient method of weather forecasting that was used before the existence of what we know today as Meterology, which is the study of the atmosphere particularly weather.

courtesy to Wikipedia for the halo name idea.

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