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Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Kenyan smart jacket

         Being a quiet Saturday morning, I feel like writing about an amazing innovation which I came across last week. Its called the Smart Jacket invented by a company called Cladlight under the leadership of Michael Gathongo. sO WHAT is it all about you may ask. It is more of a travel guidance system by indicting the direction the motorist intends to go when indicators are used. The interesting part is that it is all done through wireless activation. It is simple in design and does not require much human effort during the manufacturing process. The motivation behind this development was due to the alarming numbers of motorists who were getting involved in terrible accidents as a result of poor visibility of their indicator lights. The company is still in its infancy but has already been receiving great attention in the Kenyan city of Nairobi. It also has plans to establish a market beyond Kenya which I think would be a great idea particularly in a country like Nigeria with a large number of motorist taxi's known as Okada.

 Michael Gathongo the Founder

            Manufacturing Process

                                         An illustration of how it functions
                         The Smart Jacket

courtesy towards www.changemakers.com, www.mashada.com, www.cnn.com and www.techweez.com for the amazing photographs.

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