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Saturday, 22 October 2016

The beneficial relationship between Africa and Technology to enhance the Agriculture sector.

        Today being a weekend agriculture seems to be my greatest concern on the African continent. The greatest asset Africa has lies in its agricultural sector even though minerals have been given greater priority over the last decade. I believe if the resources obtained from minerals would be fully placed in laying down a well structured agriculture development program, Africa will emerge as the worlds food basket with food insecurity being a thing of the past. We have so much vast land which can only be managed by equipment and machinery were human power cannot keep up. So as I was saying the best framework would be through a technological approach. I just learned of a great company called Autonomous Tractor Corporation which is really making a huge impact on the agricultural scene. The machinery only requires one to make a few program changes that require the machinery to carry out repetitive tasks and eventually cut on human error which may be as a result of fatigue. I believe this would be a great asset to acquire as a Continent and if possible transfer production plants to Africa.

                    OF AFRICA

Courtesy towards the "Autonomous Tractor Corporation", "https://i.ytimg.com" , "https://agfunderweb.s3.amazonaws.com" for the amazing pictures.

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