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Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Beauty Outside A PRODUCT

            Being a Saturday I am so impressed by what I just saw on linkedin. It is so amazing what we human beings can create when our minds are governed by imagination without boundaries. Most of the products that have been available over the past decade on the market are simply remarkable to look at before one even decides to use them. All this simply implies that appearance is everything and we should feel a sense of emotion towards anything that awakens our curiosity. So the things that caught my attention where different bed designs that look so comfortable by the unique shape they represent.

                                 expresseD                        througH 

Even french 
        fries can
Turn  your
     uPSIDE dOWN

Courtesy towards "http://www.cuded.com/","http://netdna.coolthings.com/", http://www.hbc333.com/ and "http://i.imgur.com/" for the amazing images.

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