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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Relating to Pablo Picasso’s blue period in attaining a deep understanding of self.

        Contemplating about what goals are today as a young man, I am so intrigued by the way Picasso lived his life. While watching DW TV “deutsche welle”  my attention was simply glued to a short documentary about the work of Picasso and how he projected his emotional state in his work. The main emphasis was the blue period in which all his pieces of art had a blue shade in them. Many artists have suggested that most likely with all that was happening around him being of ugly nature in terms of circumstance he chose to reveal it all in a painting. I believe for him to do all this he must have had a deep understanding of self which he was not ashamed of expressing.  When the journey of life seems to be confusing for me looking inwards and understanding what I am truly made of surely should be the most profound goal I should embrace.


Courtesy towards https://s3.amazonaws.com , Herbert list/ Magnum photos, www.pablopicasso.org and wikipedia for the amazing images

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