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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Native design with a Touch of African Pride

           last night as I was watching a program called Africa Voices on Cnn, I was so amazed by how much talent there is in Africa. The most amazing person who caught my attention the most was a South African fashion designer called Laduma Ngxokolo. His clothing line is simply phenomenal.  The clothing line is all about showcasing the Xhosa "Bantu ethnic group" into a modern day fashion trend. One thing that I loved about him is how he believed in himself so much and the clothes he makes. His works are stocked not only on the African continent but across the world making him be one of the young upcoming kings of fashion putting African designs in high esteem.



African Designs setting a trend of excellence 

The king of fashion Design

African Designs
                             are simply
                                            redefining what  fashion is 
                                       and setting a 
                                                                                                            pace for creativity never seen                                                                                                   before "kondwani_world"

Courtesy towards http://www.southafrica.net/ , http://www.africanfashionwear.it/, http://southimagesservice.mtvnimages.com/ and  Maxhosa by laduma for the amazing images

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