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Friday, 28 October 2016

My african Inspiration number ONE

          I think the best artist to be running the Rap game on the African continent is the king himself Cassper Nyovest. This guy is phenomenal. The first time I heard about his music was when I was still a student in Ukraine by my friends place. I was captivated by his style of RaP and his beats are super awesome. You just want to jump to your feet and sing along "Doc Doc Shebelesa" Yes that's one of my favorite songs done by him. One thing that really inspires me the most about him is his background. This guy took such a courageous move at a very young age of 16 to only pursue music because he knew where his heart was. How many of us can take such a bold step. The frightening part is in his country Southafrica remarkable artists are already doing fine how does one live upto the high standard already dictated by these amazing musicians. He is a true definition of what the sweet results of pursuing one's passion inspite of the rough road can bring forth. I salute his team and producers for the high quality of choreography theY put in to make him be flawless.

          What you
 want,  You 
            are on the Right path, Dare yourself to
Go after it.

Courtesy towards http://imzansi.co.za "aNd "https://www.naijavibes.com for the amazing images

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