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Monday, 31 October 2016

Africa with a Hyperloop system is Possible

       As I am struggling to sleep, the Zambian geekness in me keeps on putting to my mind the potential of establishing the Hyperloop system across the African continent. This is a revolutionary way of travel that will set a new trend for transportation. The first time I heard about the Hyperloop system was in 2013 when Elon Musk introduced the whole idea.  I was still in university around that time and I now think the African continent just has the right size and landscape for its establishment. Imagine being able to travel from the most north point of Africa in Ras Ben Sakka "Tunisia" to the most Southern point of the African continent Cape Agulhas in SouthAfrica. The remarkable thing about a hyperloop system is that it is super fast 'MIND BLOWING SPEED". The only draw back would be establishing many compartments to carry more people and goods. We can do this all it takes is us seeing the bigger picture on what it would bring to our continent interms of enhancing time management to a whole new level never seen before. The price tag in establishing this would be enormous many would say but the cost of time is priceless. Once lost it cannot be recovered.

 The African 
                  land has 
                             the greatest 
                                                possibilities to be realised by 
                 the young generation 
                                                       it has.


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