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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A Remarkable African Startup Driving the continent forward

The 21st century has seen Africa become an environment were Startups could play a major role in driving the continent forward. Many amazing innovations are being made that could make Africa be a key player on the global scene. I would like to point out one which is not only phenominal in appearance but would really be of great enhancement to the transportation sector on a global stage. It is called mellowcabs.

  Its fully electrical by the way which makes it highly Eco friendly. One can have access to it through the company's app which is highly convinient and a smart way of living. It is Proudly made in a great country Called South Africa. The size of it makes it a highly efficient means of getting around a crowded place. The company is founded by an amazing Entrepreneur called Neil du Preez.
What you see here is the effort this amazing team puts in manufacturing such breath taking innovation which has great potential to provide cost effective transportation on a global level. What a great inspiration to young upcoming innovators in Africa.
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courtesy towards "www.mellowcabs.com" and "www.goaugment.io" for the amazing photographs

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