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Monday, 24 October 2016

A nation with a great journey ahead

       Being a Monday morning, I feel like writing about a great country called Rwanda. This country is simply what I would call an emerging economic powerhouse where dreams are being realised at an amazing rate. Having a great leader with a vision for his nation, President Paul Kagame has really been the greatest blessing Rwanda could ever ask for. He has really enhanced the rate of economic development through the liberisation of the economy and has also taken a unique approach in placing the running of state owned industries into the hands of the private sector. I believe this is a great move because when citizens are participators in the development process of their economy their level of commitment is backed by a deep sense of patriotism. He has also outlined that he intends to transform his country into a middle income country in his vision 2020 programme. Last week as I was watching Cnn news, I learned of a great innitiative which the Rwandan government has embarked on in partnership with a company called Zipline. It intends to enhance healthcare delivery to remote areas through the use of drones. Indeed, the future is bright for Rwanda.

Africa is 
            a continent 
                            with a great
                                            opportunity to 
                                                               transform itself 
                                                                                        into a key  
                                                                                                       global economic player.

Courtesy towards "http://ktpress.rw/wp" , "http://venturesafrica.com", "http://www.newtimes.co.rw/ " and Faustin Niyigena for the amazing images.

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