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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

ZambiaN space program of 1964 made Alive today NOT TOMMORROW

              I just stumbled upon a great read about  one Zambian teacher called Edward Nkoloso who had developed the first Zambian space program in 1964. I know everyone is like what! back then when the space race was still in its infancy this dude had such great ambition, remarkable. Apparently he even had written a full description of his space endeavor. It covered things like him planning to send a woman, two cats and and a missionary to mars. Now wait a minute, that is before the successful landing of man on the moon in 1969 by the great Neil Armstrong. This truely suggests that this man was a visionary. I believe during that time in Zambia technology was almost in non existence but for some reason he was still way ahead in THEORETICAL space exploration. Quite shocking I would say.
                He had presented this idea to Unesco and The Zambian government of then, which ofcourse was like someone telling you they just caught a handful of water in the palm of their hands.IMPOSSIBLE MY BROTHER. By the way Zambia had approximately 100 college graduates so such an idea of great ambition was UnBelievablE.
                 The most interesting part of his space programme is when he says that he had carried out a great study of MARS and he was convinced that the planet had primitive beings, the alien buddies in my world. 
                           Furthermore, he also carried out a simulation by making his trainees walk on their hands and FREE Fall preperations as shown Above.

This Guy is a legend even though his plans did not come into realisation. He just saw what was possible and has been granted the role of a great hero in my life. The future of African space exploration lies in our hands. He started it for us and the button is now in our hands. Rise Up Great AFrica  AND CONQUER PLANETARY BODIES.

Courtesy to  Photographer Cristina De Middel  and Lusaka times for the amazing photographs you make history feel like a BREATH AWAY.

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