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Thursday, 22 September 2016

The A.F.R.I.C.A.N Space Policy Plus the Mars Mission

                The great continent of opportunity this year through the African Union adopted The African Space Policy "What is that all about" as a means to develop an African outer space program. This means that all member states "The AFRICANS" have to play an active role in adequately educating their people on the Socio-Economic benefits of space science and Technology. bRAVO aFRICAN uNION. 
                       who do we have here

                     There is a Great african lady trying to pursue what I would call THE BIGGEST ENDEAVOR OF HER Life AND hUMANITY. Her name is DOCTOR Adriana Marais a great visionary indeed AND sOUTH AFRICAN QUEEN of science. She is actually one of the 100 MARS one Project Astronaut candidates. Wait! let me elaborate. The mars One is a Non-profit organsation  which will establish a human colony on mars by 2025. Yes, Exactly just that. AWESOME.

           OOPS, I almost forgOt. Have you EVER heard of an African company called Marcom Aeronautics and Space which is situated in South Africa. Check it out, Like RighT noW! This is a game changer for Space launch vehicle technology. keep your eyes glued to what I am about to show you now. Don't be scared, these gorgeous projects ARE for making space exploration sustainable and Affordable.

       I was amazed by the smart appeArance of these HEAVENLY vEHICLES. The company has a goal to keep launch range infrastructure and support costs to a Minimum. Great Staff


Cheetah 1 CSLV                                                                                                           Cheetah 5 CSLV

Cheetah  2-4 CSLV

courtesy towards www.netwerk24.com and www.marcom-as.com/rockets for the amazing photographs

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