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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Rebirth of the early African Astronomers to Awaken Curiosity and Imagination

         Being a Quiet Saturday morning with birds singing with passion, I wonder what the early inhabitants of the great African continent could have been doing today. With so much evidence left behind dating back as early as 300BC at Namoratunga in northern Kenya, One is amazed by the level of Genius of people that were able to gather stone pillars depicting the positions of stars.

          What! These dudes were such vivid observers of the stars with their Naked Eyes around that time. One might wonder what led to such curiosity. WHY did they do it? They were trying to make a calendar  system "Borana"which would depend upon the relationship between the moon and  seven particular stars.
       If they were not comfortable without keeping track of months or years, What has been the benefits to mankind as a result of their creation if one may ask. We keep track of our seasons today.  Companies even tailor products based on seasons. If they didn't you would be seeing a thick jersey being sold in the HOT baking summer  instead of winter. However, we get to see that much inspiration of science dates back to our African ancestors.
  The Dogon Tribe of Mali.

               The Legendary tribe that should be regarded as the father of Astronomy. These people were so advanced that what they knew was  mind BLOWing.

     How on earth did they know that Saturn a planet in the solar system had rings around it and the orbit of the Sirius  star system "The brightest Star".
               They had no telescopes to do all this but they were so accurate thousands of years before modern day Scientists confirmed them to be true. WHo does that?
           The Dogan Villages smartly built

Courtesy towards "en.wikipedia.org" for the amazing photographs

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