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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

True value of space exploration for Africa

    For long Africa has overlooked the great potential it has to be a pioneer in the space exploration race. Maybe it might be because of the lack of infrastructure, cultural up bringing or taboo to pursue what is out there beyond our earth. As a young Aerospace engineer I am finding space exploration almost impossible to pursue in my country. I have this great desire to own atleast a telescope so that I could start my own study of the beautiful night sky with it's planetary bodies. I even googled one cheap telescope costing around 50 dolars which i could buy. By the way the best night sky is in a city called Livingstone. Oh my Gosh the night sky feels so up close that you are literally swept off your feet. The stars are just saw bright maybe Sirius the brightest star has given birth to a billion potential stars. On the Bright side, with the booming telecommunications industry things might change as more access to information is made readily available even to the most remote areas.

     Just how amazing would it be to create and launch our own space vehicle. I believe this would open doors of new opportunity far greater than we can anticipate for our great continent of potential.

     Our own son of Africa the great Ethiopia has taken a great initiative to start up its own Ethiopian Space Science society which has a great desire to develop a rich scientific culturally enlightened society. I believe this is remarkable for the present generations and more to come.

    The Beautiful land of South Africa also has its own called Sansa which by the way was established in 2010 and has played a significant role in deriving greater value from space science and technology for the benefit of the South African society. It is also the only space weather regional warning centre in Africa which operates as part of the international space environment Service. Just magine if more centres like this could be developed in the rest of Africa. We would readily prepare of for natural disasters and have an in-depth understanding of the weather.

   The Oil Tycoon Nigeria also has its own called Nasrda which has a great mandate to use Science application and Technology for the socio-economic benefits of it's people.

   Our King of Pyramids and Father of Civilisation Egypt has also taken up the great innitiative to be a pioneer in the space age through gradual manufacturing of small research and remote sensing satellites. Such an ambition would really reduce costs for telecommunications as many African states will have there own satellite technology for strengthening space exploration capabilities.

  By the way there is also An Africa2moon mission which in the next few years to come has a plan to launch a space vehicle to assess the surface of the moon, while on it's surface or in the orbit around. This will send live feed to millions of African students right in their classrooms making them so attached to what is proudly theirs.